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Energy Efficiency Rebates in West Virginia

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As homeowners seek ways to maximize their homes’ efficiency, making HVAC and electrical upgrades is a great place to start. However, the cost for these projects may require a significant upfront investment, straining your family’s finances.

Thanks to the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), West Virginians now have access to many energy efficiency rebates that can help offset the cost of their HVAC and electrical upgrades.

Below, the home service experts at Al Marino explain the energy efficiency rebates available to West Virginia families, how they can qualify, and what they can expect to receive for their rebate amount.

2 Types of Energy Efficiency Rebate Programs in West Virginia

As of July 2023, West Virginia received guidance from the federal government under the IRA to establish two energy efficiency rebate programs for the state: the Electrification and Appliance Rebate program (known as the Electrification program) and the Home Efficiency Rebate program (known as the Efficiency program).

Here’s what you need to know about each program:

Electrification Program Rebates

Designed for low- to moderate-income families, the Electrification program offers homeowners annual rebates of up to $14,000. The total rebate you receive will depend on your income level and the type of system you have installed or replaced.

Product Maximum Low-Income Rebate Maximum Moderate-Income Rebate
Heat pump $8,000 $4,000
Electrical panel $4,000 $2,000
Electrical wiring $2,500 $1,250
Heat pump water heater $1,750 $875


Under the program, low-income households are defined as any household earning less than 80% of the area median income. In West Virginia, that means individuals earning less than $40,000/year or families of four earning less than $57,150/year may qualify for the maximum rebate amount for their HVAC and electrical upgrades.

Moderate-income level households may only qualify for 50% of the cost of their installation projects covered under the program. These households are classified as any household earning between 80% and 150% of the area median income.

So, individuals earning between $40,000–$75,000/year and families of four earning $57,150–$107,100/year may be eligible. Households earning more than 150% of the area median income do not qualify for any rebates under the Electrification program.

Efficiency Program Rebates

The Efficiency program does not provide a list of rebate amounts for specific improvements. Instead, a home energy audit is performed to determine which upgrades to your home will result in the greatest energy savings. The greater the energy savings, the higher your rebate amount will be.

For instance, if you’re a low-income household planning to make an upgrade that has the potential to reduce energy consumption by more than 35%, you may qualify for a rebate of $8,000 or 80% of the project cost — whichever is less. If the projected energy savings are lower (between 20% and 34%), the allowable rebate will be $4,000 or 80% of the project cost — whichever is less.

Unlike the Electrification program, the Efficiency program offers rebates to all households regardless of income level. However, rebate amounts for families with higher earnings may be lower. For example, if your household earns 200% of the area median income and your project has expected energy savings of 35% or more, your rebate may be $4,000 or 50% of the project cost — whichever is less.

Upgrade Your HVAC or Electrical Equipment With Al Marino

If you’re looking to make updates to your home’s HVAC or electrical equipment this year, Al Marino can help ensure your system installations qualify for the maximum rebate under each program. Our team is deeply familiar with local rebate programs, offering top-quality systems that satisfy the strict eligibility requirements set forth by the IRA.

With flexible financing solutions, regular coupons and specials, and plenty of ways to take advantage of available rebates, we help make your HVAC and electrical upgrades as affordable and accessible as possible.

Schedule your HVAC or electrical replacement project with Al Marino by calling 304-345-9000 today.

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