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Should You Get Pipe Relining or Pipe Replacement?

A graphic image of two pipes side by side; one showing a damaged pipe before relining and the other showing the pipe with the relining inside of it.

When your pipes are damaged and aren’t functioning correctly, it can be a major frustration. Luckily, pipe replacement isn’t your only option. The plumbing experts at Al Marino are proud to offer industry-leading pipe relining services. This service allows homeowners to avoid costly and invasive sewer pipe replacements without compromising long-lasting and durable results. 

Below, Al Marino discusses the differences between pipe relining and pipe replacement and how relining your pipes can benefit you.

Pipe Relining vs. Replacement

With standard pipe replacement, a technician will need to excavate areas of your yard, driveway, or even sidewalk to access the damaged section of pipe to remove and replace it. This causes severe damage to your yard and is a lengthy process with a hefty price tag.

Instead, with pipe relining, the experts at Al Marino can create a pipe within a pipe by inserting the liner into your existing pipe to restore its functionality. Fixing your pipes from the inside is far less invasive and provides superior results.

When Is Pipe Relining Necessary?

Homeowners experiencing issues like rusty water, backups, or foul odors likely have an issue with their pipes. For many, pipe relining is an excellent choice. However, there still may be some situations when replacement is necessary. In general, pipe lining is an appropriate solution if:

  • Your pipes have minimal damage and are still in good condition.
  • Your pipes are made of a flexible material like PVC.
  • Your pipes still have a good lifespan left in them.

A replacement may be better for homeowners who have very old and damaged pipes or pipes made of brittle materials like cast iron.

The Benefits of Pipe Relining

At Al Marino, we’re proud to offer pipe relining services in Charleston, WV. The benefits of pipe relining include:

  • Minimal disruption: This service doesn’t require excavation, so you won’t need to repair your lawn, concrete, and other areas of your property.
  • Cost efficiency: This service requires far less labor, making it a more affordable solution.
  • Fast results: A pipe relining service takes far less time to complete than a total pipe replacement.
  • Improved performance: Relined pipes have a smooth interior that improves water flow and reduces the risk of clogs. 

Schedule Pipe Relining Services

When you want efficient and convenient service to restore your pipes, call Al Marino for pipe relining. Our company has been family-owned for over 70 years and has developed a reputation for excellence.

Our plumbers are fully trained and offer same-day service. Plus, with our upfront pricing and financing options, there’s always a solution that fits your budget. Get superior service, all backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Skip the excavation and call Al Marino today to schedule pipe relining services in Charleston, WV.

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