Generator Sales, Service, & Repair

Keep Powered Up in the Next Storm

Generator Sales, Service, & Repairs.

Having a complete home generator system installed is the ideal means of protecting your home against the safety issues and functionality loss that can be brought about by an outage. But when it comes to the installation process, things need to be handled with extreme precision. The right generator needs to be selected according to your home’s energy needs, and the system has to be integrated with care in order to provide adequate power.

Al Marino’s electricians are specifically trained for and highly adept at generator selection and installation. Our team will perform a full assessment of your electrical needs, and from there we can discuss what systems will work best for your home. Once the right system has been picked, we will provide the electrical wiring, installs, and transfer switch installation you need.

Generac Brand Generators

Choosing a dependable generator manufacturer is as important as choosing the right electrical contractor to install the system which is why Al Marino uses Generac Brand generators. You need a product that you can trust, and one that is capable of running for extended periods of time. Generac stands at the peak of the industry with performance and quality.